Barn Photography – Barns of the Tetons

While on a photography trip to Grand Teton National Park I was able to go and photograph a couple of historic barns that are in the area. They are called the Mormon Row Barns.

This one is called the John Moulton Barn.


I took a few images of this one up close, but I decided to walk up the road and zoom in for a couple of shots. Zooming allowed me to really capture how big the Grand Tetons are.

This one is called the T.A Moulton barn. It is just down the road from the other one. I decided to do the same thing for this picture as well. There was not as much room to zoom in on this one, but it really made a difference. This area is so beautiful and the barns are definitely a stop you should make if you ever visit the Tetons.


On our way to GTNP from Idaho we stopped for a minute at the old General Mills Grainery in Tetonia, Idaho. A few minutes after we got there the clouds broke and the sky was absolutely breathtaking.


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