I have a fine art print hanging up on campus!

Last week I had one of my images printed, mounted, and framed so I could hang it in the lobby in the Spori building on campus.

Getting this image ready for printing took some time. I chose to print my scanography photo. One of the difficult things about using a well-loved scanner is that the screen was very dirty and scratched up. Because the pine cone and branches I was scanning were so small, every little piece of dust was visible in the original image.

Here is the original image.


Using the spot healing tool in photoshop for what felt like forever, I was able to clean up the spots and scratches.

After cleaning my picture up I sharpened it, added some clarity and contrast, and warmed it up just a little bit to make the colors more vibrant. I also added a little bit more black around the edges to center it and to get rid of the tangent leaves.

Here is the final image that I printed.


If you live in the Rexburg area, come and see it! It will be up until the end of November.


Printed by Mckenna Pro.

Making a Fine Art Print, Or: What Photography is Really About