Macro Plant Photography

One of my favorite things about macro photography is that you can do it for under $10! There is no need to go out and buy an expensive macro lens. You can convert any zoom lens to a macro lens by using close up filters. Close up filters usually come in packs of four with a +1 filter, a +2 filter, a +4 filter, and a 10x filter. Make sure you get the right thread for your zoom lens, set your zoom lens to manual focus, and find the perfect subject!

I chose plants for the subject of this blog post because macro photography is one of my favorite ways to take photos of plants. You are able to catch some of the most amazing details that we don’t normally see by just looking at them.



And sometimes you get those magic moments that happen when you spend some time in nature. This chubby little guy was working so hard to collect as much pollen as he could. Check out all the pollen on his legs!

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