Movie Poster Remake – Home Alone

Our assignment was to take a self-portrait to use to remake a movie poster. I decided to choose one of my favorite movies from my childhood – Home Alone. I used a high-resolution image of the original movie poster from to create this image.


This is the self-portrait I took to use in the movie poster.


The first thing I did was I looked at the lighting on the face of the original poster. The light on his face was almost straight on and pretty flat. I set my camera up on a tripod and set a 10-second timer to take the photo. For the lighting, I used a speedlight and a flash bender on a stand. I also knew that my hair would be difficult to mask so I took my background into consideration. The three biggest challenges were masking my hair, getting my face and shoulders to fit in the same area as the subject in the original poster, and getting the same facial expression!

Here is the original movie poster I used from


Home Alone movie poster courtesy of


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